VA Audiologist

Moore Hearing, PC
Job Description
The VA Audiologist is responsible for diagnostic audiology services, cerumen management (via curette, lavage & suction) for mainly Veteran patients and for those needing C&P Exams. Periodic industrial hearing testing accompanied with recommendations for noise protection and amplification is also an aspect of this position. The VA Audiologist will provide hearing aid evaluations, hearing aid selection and fittings, verifications and follow ups. This position is responsible for educating & counseling patients regarding test results and reviews options which best meet their hearing care needs. Aural Rehabilitative counseling post fittings is crucial to the success of our patients. The VA Audiologist is also responsible appropriate medical referrals when needed. Additionally, this position will act in a back up capacity for the non-VA needs of the office. Travel to satellite location is a position requirement. The VA Audiologist must meet VA entity credentialing requirements and adhere to VA protocols and rules. Ability to function as a positive engaging member of a cohesive, high-functioning and long-term Team is imperative.
Diagnostic audiologic patient care utilizing audiology and tympanometry testing procedures -- Providing amplification services including, hearing aid assessments, fittings, real ear measurements
- Coordinates and interprets test results along with recommendations to physicians
- Aural Rehabilitation and counseling
- Community outreach and education/talks/presentations needed/directed
- Compliance with paperless office policies and sending of reports to proper entities
- Travel to various office locations
- Comfort with variety of hearing aid technologies from various manufacturers
- Participation in regular meetings with Team and supervisor along with KPI responsibilities
- Practices safety and infection control protocols
- Responsible for revenue and margin outcomes
- Provide excellent customer service/maintains good public relations in community
- Share administrative duties with colleagues as needed functioning as a cohesive team
- Adherence to HIPPA regulations
Exercises confidentiality as it relates to patients and clinic business information
- Complies with all practice confidentiality protocols
- CEU Management
- Performs all other miscellaneous duties as assigned so as to meet the needs of the practice
o Doctorate of Audiology (Au.D.) or Master’s Level Audiologist
o State licensure in Montana
o Excellent and respectful interpersonal skills including listening and problem solving abilities
o Strong keyboard and computer skills
o Knowledge of various major hearing aid technologies and software
o Strong organizational and time prioritizing abilities
o Attention to detail is critical
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