Best Apps for Kalispell, MT Entrepreneurs That Work Wonders at Saving You Time

Ask an entrepreneur what they want more of in a day, and most would say that time is their most valuable asset. And because time does tend to go by so quickly, especially on busy days, we must utilize the time that we do have to the best of our ability. This may mean taking the odd shortcut here or there where we can, or using time-saving technology that is widely available nowadays. With that said, here are some of the best time-saving apps courtesy of the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce that work wonders for busy entrepreneurs these days. 

Remember the Milk

Apart from its eye-catching name, everything about this app is incredibly appealing, especially the fact that managing tasks within certain timeframes is a breeze to do too. Moreover, it comes with various themes to choose from, which makes customizing it fascinating and engaging for both you and your team.


Rated as one of the top time management apps available, Todoist is extremely functional, easy to use, and practical too. Moreover, as the name suggests, keeping on top of your to-dos has never been easier. You can track personal and professional goals at a glance as all the relevant information is available to view on your screen at any time. From a collaborative point of view, Todoist works really well at keeping all team members up to date and informed with what's going on regarding the latest projects so that they can participate and join in when needed. 


Toggl is another one of those time apps that you should use if you are trying to see how your output and productivity levels measure up to the time and effort you have put into projects. Toggl also works really well if you want to keep your team in the loop regarding how their productivity levels are going. Furthermore, it also gives you an accurate rundown with regard to how and where you spent your time so that you can easily identify those areas that require improvement. 


If you are stuck on where to start or which important tasks to start on first, then MyLifeOrganized is an excellent tool to prioritize what's most urgent to do. And then you can get onto what's next in line so that you don't end up forgetting the not-so-important tasks altogether.

Focus Keeper

If your current work requires you to work on tasks that require intense concentration, Focus Keeper is one of those apps you can't do without. With Focus Keeper, you get to focus on a task at a time until it's completed. This way, you'll see to all you need to see and you’ll be more productive because there'll be fewer distractions along the way. 

Adobe Scan

If scanning and emailing important documents to and fro is what's holding you back from reaching your time management goals, then the Adobe Scan is the app for you. All you need is your mobile's camera to capture, scan, and convert images to PDFs that you can then send via email or even WhatsApp, for example. And it's free to use too, so it's a win-win in every way. 

Adobe Scan does a fantastic job of capturing documents and converting them to PDFs. But what if you need a different format? You can conduct PDF to image conversion in a snap with a conversion tool from Adobe. Once you have the scanned file, simply drag it into the Drop Zone, select JPG as your file type, and let the converter do its job. You’ll then have the original PDF and now the new JPG in your files to use as needed.

Saving Time is Good Business

Time really is of the essence when it comes to business. But the good news is that there are many benefits that come with living in the age of technology, including the powerful free apps that we can use as and when we see fit. Use these apps to organize your time, keep yourself focused, and capture important documents without carrying around a scanner. You may be amazed at how much your productivity increases.

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