Executive Cleaning by Design LLC - Using safe and sustainable product/practices - News Release: 2/16/2019

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February 16, 2019

Executive Cleaning by Design LLC is proud to say that we are currently using sustainable and eco- friendly products for our everyday use. Many factors influenced this decision.

One very high motivator amongst this plethora of reasoning is that our clients are demanding it and another is that our employees deserve the use of non-harsh chemicals in their daily tasks. No more soaking in the harsh chemicals of Lysol, or Clorox or the many others with ingredients that are not even pronounceable to the layman. No more drowning in a stack of paper towels or disposable dusters. No more adding to the perfumes of our daily lives but instead we enjoy the natural scents of organic cleaning products that are surprisingly effective and easily more cost efficient.

Although green or organic cleaning has become a favorable option to the residential clients in recent years, many service providers still utilize harmful chemicals that pose a risk not only to the environment, but also pose a large risk to the staff that is tasked with using these chemicals. Another sector in the past year or so that is seeking safer cleaning practices is the clients in the commercial industry or small offices. Many companies overlook the critical fact that cleaning products can negatively impact the health of employees, cleaning staff, and customers. Chemicals that are not environmentally friendly can cause asthma, cancer and increased birth defects according to the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Cleaning Supplies and Your Health
We can offer our Staff, clients, and visitors a healthier option and they are watching to see that we are providing it. 

Green Cleaning is the most sustainable way of protecting the environment, staff and clients while decreasing a buildings environmental footprint. It is the responsibility of all our staff to ensure their companies are conscious of the risks their methods may pose to the environment, as well as to the general public.

Facilities management professionals are beginning to seek to ensure that the services they are requesting from us are delivered at a superior level, however many don’t consider the damaging effects that ensue in the pursuit of superior service, most particularly in the facilities management industry as they are looking for cost vs environmentally safe practices. If they only knew that the products, we offer were cheaper and more effective. In line with this, it is important to take into consideration the importance of our planet’s dwindling natural resources, without compromising the needs of today’s industry. 

The importance of using environmentally friendly solutions in the cleaning industry is as imperative as the cleaning industry in the world is substantial and continues to grow at a rapid rate. The benefits of implementing sustainable cleaning methods are extensive; however the most relevant for our landscape is that sustainable cleaning results in lowered chemical usage, minimizing water use and higher levels of recycling that reduces waste costs. It is the responsibility of the facility managers to educate their staff and create an environment of awareness that encourages sustainable cleaning practices.

In 2016, two significant factors affected the contract cleaning market. The most important of these was an increased demand for environmentally-friendly practices in cleaning solutions. Going green/organic is becoming increasingly attractive as a business strategy, and this growth has seen the continuous investment in driving the quality in cleaning services, technological innovation and solutions that improve sustainability. A growing trend in the further development of sustainability across all business units within the facilities management sector has been identified but is most noticeable in the cleaning sector of the business.

An effective method of adopting sustainable solutions in the cleaning industry is by using green-certified and environmentally friendly chemicals whenever possible to reduce direct pollution. Executive Cleaning by Design LLC has put in place practices that ensure chemical waste is minimized, water usage is lowered, and that minimal environmental harm is created.

As of February, of this year we are proud to say that Executive Cleaning by Design LLC is using sustainable practices as well as Eco-Friendly products.

If you are interested in joining us in this ecofriendly adventure, call now to schedule your home, rental or office to be safely cleaned without the harsh chemicals of the last century. Or to get a quote, call to schedule one of our team to stop by. We would love to provide you with a demonstration of our new products. 

We are currently seeking to add more commercial/small office projects to our growing list of clients.

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